Advanced Skin Therapy

FREE Skin Consultation

This confidential consultation will provide you with a tailored home care plan, specifically suited to your skin type, as well an in-salon treatment guide.


LED Light Therapy | 45 minutes

Pro LED is Medically recognised, proven clinically and offers theraputic light treatment that is safe, non invasive and chemical free. It has been shown to help clear up acne, reducing wrinkles, even out skin tones, reduce redness and overall revitalize as well as boost the skins overall health.


Gold LED Light Therapy | 60 minutes

Incorporating all the benefits of the LED light therapy with an added hydro gel collagen mask that dramatically accelerates the results. This beautiful treatment includes a pampering, relaxing massage throughout the treatment and delivers healthy glowing skin at the end.


Microplus+ | 60 minutes

Microdermabrasion comfortably exfoliates the epidermis and polishes the skin while Sonophoresis infuses active ingredients using sound waves allowing maximum absorption. This treatment uses vitamins A, B, C and DNA renewal to intensely nourish, regenerate and hydrate, whilst not taking away from the relaxing massage and pamper.


Platinum Microplus+ and Gold LED | 90 minutes

This treatment incorporates the incredible resurfacing benefits of microdermabrasion allowing the LED light therapy and hydro gel collagen to energize and stimulate the deep skin cells. It then plumps the skin with a beautiful vitamin infusion to leave the skin feeling smooth, bright and plump. Drift away as you experience a divine massage knowing that the your skin will feel relaxed rejuvenated and renewed too.


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Signature Facials

Signature Facial | 30 minutes

An express pick me up facial treatment which gives your skin a vitamin boost, whilst your body unwinds with a relaxing shoulder massage.


Signature Facial | 60 minutes

Enjoy this devine facial as you relax and unwind with a calming massage of the face, decolletage and scalp. In addition to this you will feel invigorated with a facial mask treatment tailored specifically to your skins needs. Includes vitamin infusion.


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Skin Peels

Reveal Peel | 30 minutes

Brightens, improves dryness and refines skin texture.


Lactic Peel | 30 minutes

Replenishing, improves hydration and fine lines.